Monday, 23 May 2011

understanding or memorization

When do we memorize ? My answer is whenever we cant understand a thing we try to memorize it .... of course this assumption and argument holds true only for things which are repetitive in nature. I will quote some examples..
We don't really know the universe and most of natural patterns so we memorize it. Sun rises in east we memorized it earlier than we had explanations for it.
Almost every natural phenomenon we know are a result of our experience and consequently   it becomes our knowledge. One more thing we can infer here is we do not know what we have not experienced.
Now I would like to relate these natural phenomenons to understand human beings. As we humans are inalienable part of nature we must be following some kind of pattern. Of course things vary from human to human and situation to situation.
So for example if somebody/something makes you happy/sad at a point of time ....and after some time you land up in same kind of situation but it does not yield the same result than there can be two probable  reasons : 1. you are not the same person. 2. situation is not same which it may seem to u .
At least now you can be sure of the reason if you analyze it this way.

Now lets take example of a human being whom we are not able to understand but we want to do the same.....what should we do ?? My answer is try to "memorize" him....if you know him long enough than it will be easy to predict him.Now we can get over with the handicap of not understanding him. You are having the edge because he does not know what you are up to. It will save you from lot many heart breaks.

Hope it helps.... :)  cheers :) 

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