Saturday, 21 May 2011

food for way :)

1. Men always claim to be intelligent than  women but at the same time they crib about the complexity of women i.e. they say that they can never understand women. At the same time women who are considered dumber  know men so precisely that they can predict their actions, a "women" even at age of  10 knows how would a "men" of 12 or 90 would behave. It is let me remind you not the consistency of men but the observation of women.Because a women who have not met many men in her life or of young age also knows a lot.

2.If you find my language confusing......try reading Indian Constitution..

3. Who so ever says math is easy and philosophy is tough ...simply have a lower "human quotient".

4. You can know yourself way better if you stop thinking about yourself  the way others have prejudiced.

5. Time can definitely heal everything but somethings leave a scar  on skin/heart/mind.

6. If a girl is worried about her undone hairs,eye brows,upper lips, waxing etc etc.....believe me a women is loved and admired for the very fact that she is women need not put that much effort....and that too for some one who does not even know what these things stand for.

5. Once a friend said" this guy is so good...but i do not get that"mine" feeling for him,my ex was way less than him but i got that "mine" not know what to do...". I replied " I can conclude two things from this statement (a) You do not get "mine" feeling from good things.(b) The things which are yours are not good. 

6. last one mine favorite....

"I guess God wanted to act like Ian Flemming  for some time ....and during this phase... he wrote my life and yes you guessed it right "  :) :) 

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