Sunday, 29 March 2015

The "woman"

Not so long ago when the past was perfect, Eros and Celeste were a happily married couple.
Celeste was the woman he loved enough to get married at a young age of 27.
For Celeste , Eros was the definition of a man. He inspired the woman inside.Celeste could rely on him for everything and anything, and she did. She gave herself to him for the rest of her life.
Their life was changing fast. First moving to the new continent and then moving in to new life of togetherness.Celeste was hopeful and happy in true sense of the term. The most beloved fairy tale  came true. She had the man she loved, a man whom any woman would want. The man whom she wanted to look at forever,  the man who would pick her up if she dint want to walk,the man who was there when she needed him the most or slightest.
The romantic moments were too many to count.One of her favorite and most common  was the walk over Brooklyn bridge.Many a times they were intoxicated with love and of course with more tangible means.The long kisses on the way, the mesmerizing scenic beauty of the beloved city,  there was nothing more she could ask for. She was satisfied because her life was in a moving equilibrium of ecstasy and love.
Eros loved her in a different way. He cared for her the most. He felt responsible to make her happy.
He was raised that way,it was the duty of a man to make the woman happy.But a man has other things to do as well. His first love was his work and his future. He got married because it was right thing to do for a man who wants to focus on work. Once you have a home and wife then nothing to worry about, he can  focus all his energy on work. He always had a vision, he wanted money,big money and a female to share his success.He never attached a face to the female figure. He never thought it was important.He wanted a classic success story of a happy man.He knew he was capable of creating one. He was capable in his work, he was passionate and gifted personally,it was as if woman could sense it.He always had the attention,even when he did not do anything to attract it.

They both worked hard.Came home to each other,did not do anything to hurt each other or break the spell of happiness. But something happened, Eros was too busy in his work and Celeste felt left out.Her only friend was going away,it was creating a emotional void that leads to domestic "fault lines".Eros was not to be blamed,he was going for the priority.He was trying to accomplish himself in the new world.Emotions could wait,work can not.He made himself clear.Eros told Celeste that she was expecting too much.

It was not a matter of days or months.It took them 5 years and marriage to realize that they needed different things from life.It was not to be blamed on each other.They did wrong things for right reasons.They did what seemed right.But it was not enough.And it was time they were thinking about separation.They did not have kids so that was a relief for Eros,Celeste rued the decision,if they had kids she could have had Eros for little longer or perhaps for ever.

Eros moved on, he already have someone to share his story with. She is a nice woman, different from Celeste in ways but the difference was not important, She was a female companion which Eros wanted.Her name was Katherine, she was beautiful and had a good heart. She was not a home breaker. She came in Eros's life and heart when Celeste was gone. It was her own place. She would not do that to a woman even for the man he liked. She was not sure yet that he loved him. How can you be sure to fall in love with a man who just left a woman he married ? She was confused, her heart told her that its not Eros's fault that the marriage broke.It was destined to fail may be, but at the same time she did not want to another failed affair. She could not love in half measure so she decided to love him the way she would love any other man, without prejudice, without judgments.

Celeste was all alone. She was still in love with the man she married. Although she was beginning to realize that Eros is not the same man anymore or is it that she never knew who he was ??
Celeste tried hard to win his affection back. She tried to remind him of the good memories and the unfulfilled promises. She fought with Eros to win Eros back but it was in vain.

Celeste and Eros were same in some way, they both were convinced that other one was wrong. Celeste knew that she was love of his life and no one knows him the ways she does. She had the history, she had the past, she had the ring on her finger to prove everything she believed in. She knew that somewhere she could find the man she married.

Eros knew that Celeste was wrong in thinking that he would go back. He thought of the married life as a barren land, nothing would grow there. It was over for him, he did not even think of Celeste the same way. He cared for her because he was the man but he did not feel the love.The same woman for whom he did everything right ceased to be of significance.
Every form of communication from Celeste was infuriating as he thought of it unnecessary.He was happy in his world, convinced that Celeste would realize soon  enough that he was not the one. She would find someone else like he did.

Eros was happy with Katherine but somewhere the specter of broken relationship was haunting him. He was not sure what he wanted to do when it came to Katherine. He knew that he did not want to get married, but what then ? Is not marriage the next and right step ?
He knew he needed a female companion on his journey to top...and again it did not matter who she was. He knew he did not love either Celeste or Katherine that much, but to him it was not important.

He was a man of business. He wanted perfection. He wanted to be respected for the work he does. He was not proud of the failures in personal life as to him it did not matter. Personal does not matter if you have success to show for it.

He was a good man in his opinion and that's what mattered to him.