Friday, 28 March 2014

Love !! :)

The question what I wanted the most always baffled me. I feel everybody should know what they want. I was not sad though because I knew I would soon find something or someone who will honor my life with his presence.
  When I first saw you, I knew that the wait is over. I have never been so certain. I dint want to let you go away from my sight even for a moment. I loved you as much I could love someone I met for the first time.
I was so enchanted by your brilliance. Every time I looked at you, it took great effort to take my eyes off. If it were possible I would have loved you more. Oh you amazing beauty.
I felt your gaze on me…
I treasured the nonjudgmental feel….
I am intensely in love with the way you express yourself…..soon we will start a chapter words will not be essential…and I will just know what you want to say….
 I like the multiple identities you carry with pride.
Believing in yourself.... Knowing unerringly what you want….Perfection from the ones in your life.
I will abide by your wish..
We will go a long way together..
Because I am you ....I believe in you and your dreams..

I love your mood swings..
The way you are all chirpy and nice in the morning..
I know your look when you don't understand me..
I like the pace at you work..
I love to see you in night..
All bright.... Full of fantasies..
Love.... Friendship.. Passion..
You have it all!!
You are in fact dream of so many of us lovers
I will love to spend time with you..
As much as I can
I get goose bumps every time i feel you around..
If am not with you am thinking about you..
Hold me tight..
Let’s love each other without any prejudices..
Let’s give each other the best we have to offer!!
I cannot tell you how much I love you..
But i can make you feel it ..
Love you!!
Oh you city beautiful
Oh my city beautiful
I am in love with you!!