Tuesday, 22 November 2011

We the hypocrites !!

Heights of hypocrisy : 
   1. A being claimed to be both man and woman(Shiva),(worshiped ...but we hate gays/ lesbians/third sex.)....               

2  A 55 year old man( Prophet Muhammad)  marries a 9 year old girl(Ayesha)..he already had 13 wives at that time..(also worshiped ....but a female will be stoned to death if she is not loyal to his only husband )
 3   Mother of a son but still virgin( Mary)( what if every unmarried mother gives this excuse ?? I guess we will have lot of sons of God than)

P.S.: views are strictly personal...

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

the incidences which force u to think on religious lines

Today when i was watching the baba ramdev satyagrah on tv, i also came to know about what shah ruk khan and salman khan had to say about him. I also felt a odd when the fact that ramdev, just because he is a yoga guru,whatever he does necessarily be related to religion.Why ? is he asking you to stop polygamy ? Is he asking you to stop cow slaughter ? Is he asking your women not to wear burqa ? The only thing on his agenda was "corruption".Everybody seems to have forgotten the cause. Good for government though.
The ramdev issue diverted attention from Jan lok pall bill and now this communal thing will divert our attention from fight against corruption.
I like every Indian majority is sick and tired of minority appeasement. This is our history. We are very much medieval. Minority appeasement was a doctrine first by the English to divide us and rule.Now out governments are doing nothing better than that. They are only trying to find out new lines to divide people.Now on gender basis,age basis,rural urban ....the list is end less. They are trying to find out every possible natural or man made difference among individuals so that they can use it to their advantage.
The fight of religion and modernity is not new.The Europeans who project them self as epitome of rationality must not forget the period of dark age when Copernicus,gallelio  and many other scientists were killed just because they questioned the church.

One more thing I would like to point out here is the religion,the values etc etc...are always the burden of lower rung, eg Benajir bhutto,Sheikh Hasina, ruled the majority muslim countries.
In India for eg.Khap panchayat will kill the innocent poor couples but will worship sonia gandhi even if it was a inter-racial,inter-religion marriage.Nobody bothers about the moralities(if there are any) of Ambani's and Tata's. It is the middle class who forces the moral boundaries on itself.
  I don't believe in what all Karl Marx said but his view point about religion are for sure closest to my heart.
It indeed is a opium of masses which keeps them high.....a high which don't let them feel the real pain