Tuesday, 31 May 2011

great expectations :)

Nikhil (my younger brother) is in Kota. The place which gives us yearly harvest of the bestest engineers in town. He is obviously not having a good time there. He is not a geek and never have worked his ass off in studies in last 10 years, things are bound to be tough. 
He calls me everyday...sometime twice or thrice... firing all kind of questions...doubts ....etc etc....
During normal days its fine to give him funda's about how to manage time...how to remain emotionally stable...how to avoid the stupid prick friends... but sometimes when I myself feeling bad...down and out ...and he calls up....i feel " oh God" now what....
At times like these I have two options ... first is to give him a half hearted lecture....the clich├ęd principles and all what he already know ...and save my face this way.....second option : I tell him that Nik I will call you after some time....i ask for time because I want to tell him the things in which I truly believe. First I have to pump up myself....to get out of the sickening attitude...the miserable pathetic mental state which i had forced on myself.... because if tell him lies...if i tell him the things in which i don't believe,he soon will get that vibe...that didu is lying.

I feel its my moral responsibility to live the way i advise him to live.In this way it helps us both.I promise myself every time i talk to him that i will be the best sister in the world. I would give him every reason to believe that whenever he is in trouble he can call me and i also want his faith to be unbroken...i want him to believe that yes didu can help me out.
This  in turn gives me the strength to be strong..to move on....to know that sometimes you have to be the light house..u cant stop shining...u matter a lot more than u think...there are lot many reasons for u to move on.
Love u my crazy diamond...(nikhil) :) love you for broadening the meanings of my existence. Love you for giving me the strength unknowingly.
Thank u God...i love u ...and u know u love me too ....:) cheers...

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