Saturday, 27 July 2013

On Modi as PM

I always have interest in politics....i love politics....the word has a different and very derogated meaning today but we must remember it is one of the oldest and respected subject....i mean otherwise why the politics is every where ?? because of my love and respect for the subject i took it as one of my optional subjects .... Learned lot many things,which i do apply while analysing any political scenario....
Why Modi ??
People are sick and tired of dark age of corruption....they actually see modi as the only way out....
The on paper Gujarat is a success story....
Rahul Gandhi or anyone else is not even a close competitor when it comes to charismatic authority of modi...
 Why not modi ??
In a diverse country like India where minorities are essential part of our Indian identity we can not have a PM like him.... He never apologiesed    for what happened in godhara....i am not saying Hindus were right or muslims were...but as a CM it was his duty to protect all of his subjects..he did not. I am in America right now and i am a minority....and i would really hope that when white people come and kill us for any reason we are protected by the state..
How can we chose a PM who can compare 20% of Indian population to a puppy. A good leader is supposed to preach harmony and spirit of coexistence not fundamentalism.
Sad part is not everyone is logical and just..
I feel sorry for this state of affairs.....we could have been better...we could have been more civilized.... We could have been more Indian. 
Jai Hind !!

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