Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentines Day !! :)

The day which  belongs to the red is actually in the air  this week....fake or real that's altogether a different question...people do look as if they are immersed in love....Even i claimed to be in love with someone yesterday...nonavailability of that person made me think about something else.....all thanks to his absence i could plan something.
I went to meet someone very special ...someone very close to my heart and soul...someone who years ago knew how exactly i will feel and wrote almost every body's  haal-e-dil with his kalam.
Mirza Ghalib.....I know  people  would ask how could i meet someone who is up there in heaven.....well we meet God everyday...we don't really have him in person the same way i met my date....I went to Ghalib's haveli in Ballimaran(chandi chowk). 
The moment i entered i sensed  a change in me...i was feeling poetic...i was feeling that i should utter every word with lots of love...i was feeling  that i should behave like a lady ...i mean the proper nazaqat and tahzeeb part.
I sat there for an hour...i could feel his words...i wanted to remember something i have not seen. I tried to feel Ghalib moving around in his house....i wanted to listen to the gudgud of his sheesha......than i  read his maqtaas which were on the paintings was amazing to feel that i could understand what he was amazing to feel the love what he felt for someone....It was heavenly and it was divine....
It was  the best i could do for myself .....i thanked God for Ghalib....and i left....with love and respect in my heart....something i wrote for Ghalib...modifying his words off-course...
" Na kuch tha to khuda tha.....
   na kuch hota to khuda hota..
  tujhko banaya tere hone ne....
  GHALIB tu na hota to kya hota" !!!!

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